Yarn Bomb 2016

It seems that the colder the weather, the more colourful I like to dress. The brightness of each knitted jumper or pair of technicolour high-socks seems to insulate me even more than just the cosy woollen fibres. So even in the cold, grey winter, with the sparse trees and drizzly days, there is a little … More Yarn Bomb 2016


The crackling and occasional pops of wood slowly relenting to the heat of the flame have a powerful magnetism. The dancing flames seek to elicit my deepest secrets, the ones that leave me vulnerable, ready to be wounded. In the dark we are drawn to the flame, the moth simile is all too apt. And … More Campfires

Good News & Bad

On the morning that my fiancé and I announced our engagement to the Facebook world, two Australian men were executed by firing squad in Indonesia. As the congratulatory comments and likes flooded in, I scrolled past proclamations of grief, condolence and indignation, some pessimistic and others cynical. Another day I will muse on the bizarre … More Good News & Bad


As humans, one of our most necessary tasks is to communicate with each other. Every day we manage to complete this mission effectively without thinking twice. But am I the only one who can pull to mind countless misunderstandings? For example, my customary request is for no jalapeños on my burrito. But once this was … More Metaphor

Maker: Ninainvorm

Nina van de Goor of the Etsy store Ninainvorm and the blog of the same name, is a maker turning old into new.   She combines skills in screenprinting, ceramics, collage and illustration to produce unique, fun and useful objects. Her bright and colourful graphics adorn vintage ceramics, playfully bringing them to life. Based in the Netherlands, … More Maker: Ninainvorm

Maker: Granby Workshop

Granby Street in Liverpool was once a thriving community. But the partial demolition of many homes saw the former hub disperse, with abandoned houses falling into disrepair. Over twenty years later, the determined creativity of remaining residents is finally coming to fruition with Granby Workshop. The dedicated group has established the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT), aiming … More Maker: Granby Workshop