Yarn Bomb 2016

It seems that the colder the weather, the more colourful I like to dress. The brightness of each knitted jumper or pair of technicolour high-socks seems to insulate me even more than just the cosy woollen fibres. So even in the cold, grey winter, with the sparse trees and drizzly days, there is a little warmth that comes the colours alone.

Here in Canberra the cold winter days can seem to drag on forever, we brave the icy mornings and as we trudge home at the end of the day and meet the rapidly advancing darkness. So sometimes in this ice-box,  you’ll need a bit of a pep-up and since the world can always use a little more brightness, a band of crochet-fiends, headed by our one and only Hayley, took part in a small act of joyful rebellion. A good ol’ yarn-bomb.

Last year we yarn-bombed an unsuspecting tree, in celebration of some upcoming nuptials and the response from people was wonderful. We had strangers ask to join in, people who wanted to add to it later and people just loved to see something cheerful as they walked in the cold air.

This year we found ourselves inspired yet again and set out in search of a deserving tree or telegraph pole. We settled on a pine tree in Hyde Park, a small patch of greenery that winds through some northern suburbs of Canberra, and borders the Canberra -famous Mandalay Bus, a reputable food vendor that is based out of a double-decker.


So one blustery Sunday in July, we headed out to the park for some innocuous yarn-bombing.


So with coffee’s and teas in hand, we crocheted until our hands went blue and rugged up that pine tree, swaddling it just like a very large, bark covered, multi-branched baby.

Our work attracted by-passers, overly-excited children and even got mentions by The Mandalay Bus and featured in the ‘Mildly interesting’ thread on Reddit (that’s right, reddit certified).

So here is our wonderful gaggle of formidable crocheters, just the beginning of our colourful army of craftavists.13726652_979363745518050_9065610132281740770_n IMG_3415




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