Maker: Bramble Workshop

Jessica Pezalla is the driving creative force behind Bramble Workshop, a design studio that produces well-tailored visual installations using a diverse range of media. Based in Portland and Los Angeles, Bramble Workshop unleashes its creative capacity in commercial window displays, wedding and event design, as well as in residential installations. Pezalla routinely collaborates with a number of … More Maker: Bramble Workshop

Maker: Brooklyn to west

  Ariele Alasko enters her studio with the materials for her next project, an assortment of wood that she’s salvaged from dumpsters in surrounding Brooklyn. Her stunning, handcrafted work sure is something, and remember that she’s reclaimed it from the nothingness of waste. Something from nothing; the woodwork of Ariele Alasko.   From functional tables … More Maker: Brooklyn to west

Makers Series

  Necessity is the mother of invention.   But these days we don’t really need anything. That’s not true for all of us, obviously. There is so much need in the world, with privileged Australia even causing a bunch of it. So while hundreds of refugees on Manus Island ask for an assisted suicide to escape … More Makers Series

11 Books

Stories have a way of transporting us to another world, timeless, stretched between the spaces of the reality we leave behind and the one we seen on the horizon of pages inside our books. I routinely palm off books that I have read to unsuspecting friends, since I earnestly believe that experiencing this liminal space … More 11 Books

Body Commodity

Through the messages that bombard us as we read the news, stand at the bus stop, wait for a movie to start, even scrolling through Facebook and Instagram feeds, we are fed the idea that we need to consume to validate ourselves. So we consume. Pop mags and fast culture, we consume their philosophies and … More Body Commodity


I have always had the desire to travel, to experience new places, and meet new people. Perhaps because any place is different from home and has a preceding reputation, be it the city of love for Paris, or melting pot of Singapore. And though I have found these places interesting, full of life and culture, I … More Frontier